Home Improvement : Knowing Eco-Garden

gardenEco-garden came from the two terms. “Eco” is short for ecology, and garden, well we know what a garden is. We’ve heard the “eco” term in many news, environmental enthusiast and slogans but creating an eco-garden, which we may know nothing. Chemical solutions harm mother nature destroying its harmony, but with an eco-garden, it helps and maintains balance to nature.


There are people who use chemicals to fasten up the plant’s growth and gardeenharvest but, in the same way, they made a huge blow to nature. That’s why eco-garden is here. In creating one, it should only use natural fertilizer rather than chemical ones. Using recyclable materials in possible ways will also help. Planting separately or mixed depending on which type of plant it belongs. You should choose to plant native ornamentals for seasonal reasons. Choosing plants that attract insects and birds may help to control and avoid insects that may damage your garden. Watering plants moderately with plain water.

Fairly dense garden may be an ideal for an eco-garden. Professional and skilled eco-gardeners try to place, taller, sun-oriented plants next to lower plants that want shade or moderate sunlight. Also, in this kind of setup, it minimizes the use and waste of water because the water flows from the tallest down to the smallest leaving irrigation to the fullest.